Get Creative This Mother’s Day

Feb 16, 2022Blog

There is no bond quite like that of a mom. Moms have been there for us literally since the very beginning of our existence. They gave birth to us, healed our hurts, raised us right, and have always been our biggest fans. Now it is our turn to pour the love on her in return. When buying gifts for Mom, we want to find the perfect gift to make her light up, and show her how much she is loved!  

Finding the right gift for Mom on Mother’s Day can be a daunting task. We have one day a year that belongs just to moms and we want to let ours feel all the love she deserves! Bring out Mom’s creative side this year by getting crafty with mom.

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day event in Las Vegas, Corks ‘N Crafts has a plan in place. You can get creative with Mom this Mother’s Day by making her a gift, throwing a virtual party, or bringing your mom to a class!

Make a Gift

One great way to show Mom the love this Mother’s Day is to give her a treasure that is handmade by you and your kids!

Gifts from You

Since we were little, moms have appreciated our artistic efforts. From our early drawings hanging on the refrigerator door to our high school achievements hanging (maybe still!) on the walls, moms have celebrated us each step of the way. Now it is time to celebrate her! This Mother’s Day give mom a gift that can’t be replaced by a special craft made by you! We have upcoming classes to make:

  •       Resin serving boards
  •       Rose coasters
  •       Wooden sign décor
  •       Resin dominoes
  •       Or drop in any time during walk-in crafting hours.

These are upscale items that will look great in Mom’s home. You can even choose colors that will go great with her décor. Choose which unique gift you think your mom will love the most, then register for a class to get your craft of choice made in time for Mother’s Day. These will be gifts that Mom will be proud to bring out when her friends come over!

Gifts from the Kids

We also have crafts available for children to make. There is nothing sweeter than a handmade item from the kids or grandkids. You can register for a kids’ class, or a family session so that you can all make unique crafts together.

If you can’t find a time that works before the big day, you can also choose a take-home kit. You choose which take-home package you want, and inside, we include everything you will need to make the craft. This can be a great way for kids to be involved in a personal way for a gift for Mom or Grandma on Mother’s Day. These gifts are sure to be treasured for years to come!

Craft with Mom

One of the best gifts you can give is the gift of your time! At Corks ‘N Crafts, you can set aside a time just for mom, while making art together! This can be a great time to bond, relax and catch up in a personal and fun way. We also have snacks and wine available to make it feel like a party!

You can choose a class time to learn a new craft, attend a Sunday class where we serve $2 mimosas or reserve a time that works for you. Make it a “mom and me” date, or bring the kids and siblings to make it an event!

Virtual Workshops

Maybe due to distance or Covid restrictions, you won’t be able to see your mom this Mother’s Day. We can help you shorten the distance by celebrating Mom with a virtual craft workshop! You can pick one of our popular crafts (resin art is highly recommended by our customers!) and get crafty with mom. We will ship items to each party member, and then teach the class to your group virtually! This can be a great way to get your family together for some relaxing fun!

Gift Cards

If you can’t decide which mom will like the best, you can always get her a gift card and let Mom decide! This is a great way to let Mom know you want to spend some time with her. Then you can work out the details together to plan a date that works for you both, and find the class she wants to try. Mom might find she has an artistic streak and may even leave craft night with a new hobby! Everyone leaves an artist after a night a Cork ‘N Crafts!

Break the Mold!

Mother’s Day is one day of the year we get lavish mom with all the love deserves! If you feel like you have fallen into a gift-giving rut, we’re here to help you break out of that mold! At Cork ‘N Crafts you can choose from a variety of different crafts to find a creative gift for Mom! Whether it is resin art, wood crafts, painting… or wine tasting, your mom can find her comfortable niche. 

When she can share that time with you, either in person or virtually, that will be a gift in itself! If you are looking for a unique gift that Mom won’t soon forget, come get creative with us at Corks ‘N Crafts!

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