The Downtown Summerlin shopping center is outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment district. It is a part of the greater Downtown Summerlin development, which lies within the affluent community of Summerlin, a suburban neighborhood on the western outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Drop Ins


During times we do not have scheduled classes we offer Drop in Crafting.
Usually 12pm to 5pm. Crafts typically take from 45 to 90 minutes to complete.


We have dozens of designs available in all of our craft mediums: painted wood signs, string art and leather crafting. We are continually adding new designs to our selection so stop by and make something today! Drop in Crafting projects prices range from $15 to $50


All of our crafts come with printed instructions for making the project on your own. Our Craft-Tenders are also on hand to answer any questions and to help when needed.


We have crafts suitable for all ages.
Enjoy a latte, sip and chat while crafting with a friend.
Stop by for a creative lunch break with your co-workers.
Bring the kids to let them paint and mess up our studio rather than your house.  We have lots of crafts kids will love to make.
Teens can come hang out, eat some gourmet popcorn and make something to decorate their rooms.
Soooooo….. anyone!