Team Building

Our team building projects are designed to help build trust and comraderie amongst co-workers.

Team Building Projects

Increase cooperation and improve communication within your teams and company. Our team building projects are designed to help build trust and camaraderie amongst co-workers. Challenge your team to think strategy, creatively and to work together. Projects can be a team effort or individual projects. 

Looking for custom project options? Ask your event coordinator about projects that can be personalized for your group.


Pick the project that’s perfect for your group. From painting to building, candle making, resin pouring and more, we help you create it from start to finish.

Have a theme? Have a budget? Let us know as we will help create the perfect experience.


We bring all the tools, supplies, materials and staff directly to you! Let us transform your space into an art studio!

inquire today

Chat with a private event coordinator today and lets start planning! Our private party packet is over 50 pages long so you know we have plenty of great options!

Ready to Create?

Book a creative crafting class today. We popup all around the valley!


How many people are required to book an event?

We can host groups as small as 8 or large convention groups of 5,000+

How far in advance can we book?

We open booking 1 year in advance. Inquire anytime, we try our best to accomondate last minute bookings as well.

Does everyone in the group pick the same project?

We highly encourage everyone to have the same project so the instruction flows smoothly. However, we can offer a variety of design options to your group.

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