About Us

Corks ‘n Crafts is a modern DIY craft + sip studio.

About Us

Corks ‘n Crafts is a modern DIY craft + sip studio. Think of your local paint and wine place, but better. Much, much better! Our upscale “workshop” environment serves as an engaging & exciting meeting place for friends, family, colleagues and like-minded people to come together and “Literally CREATE memories.” Guests can enjoy an amazing glass of wine or craft beer, along with shareable appetizers design to make the crafting process just that much more enjoyable.

Our instructors guide classes (and drop ins) from start-to-finish. At the end, you’ll not only leave with a completed “masterpiece,” but also a new skill…and a fun night (or afternoon) out! There is no experience necessary to attend our classes. While some of the projects may appear difficult, they are all geared towards beginners and are easily achievable through instruction.

Corks ‘n Crafts is also a great location to host your next party! Whether you are gathering with a small group of friends, or hosting a big corporate outing, we have a variety of crafts options sure to impress your guests. Our private parties are a great choice for birthdays of all ages, bachelorette parties, corporate parties, baby showers, customer appreciation mixers, fundraisers, and more.

Corks ’n Crafts is also proud to say that we now offer mobile events! Let us pack our van up with all the tables, chairs, craft supplies, and décor and meet you wherever you are hosting your event. We do all the work, you have all the fun!

Seasonal Specials

We offer a wide variety of crafts and constantly bring in new crafts. Our seasonal rotation allows for repeat customers to have a new experience during each visit.

In Studio Parties

We love to party! Let us guide your guests through a creative journey where they are “Literally Creating Memories.”

Mobile Events

Crafting activations are the most fun addition to any party or event. Whether you would like to fully immerse your guests in a crafting class, or if you need a quick and attractive activation at your event we have a wide variety of options.

our vision

Creativity is at the Heart of What We Do

Our team knows the value in creating something with your own hands. We bring together people from every walk of life and show them they too can create masterpieces. We want every person coming through our doors to know the joy of creating art with their own hands. No experience? No problem. It’s our passion to guide your creativity.

Founder & Owner

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Alainah Paul was surrounded by the middle-American “get your hands dirty” mentality. Alainah’s earliest memories involve her coal miner grandfather doing woodworking projects and fixing everything around the house. That mindset and skill set was passed down to her father, a commercial fashion photographer by trade, who literally built her family home, she says, “from the brick and tile work to even making stained glass windows.” For Alainah and her sister, Nicole, that translated into constant craft projects–sewing, jewelry making–and Christmas presents that were always handmade. “I’m not sentimental,” she says, “but I like things with meaning.” In her first career interests, Alainah adopted both her father’s primary interests, studying fashion design and working with brands including Chanel, Chanel Luxe, Wynn, and the Venetian Hotel. Looking for something she could call her own, she then combined forces with her husband Steve, whose manufacturing background inspired them to develop two fashion sock brands together, Orange Beld and Odd Man In. As a mother of four lovely daughters, Alainah noticed her older daughter was forever looking at YouTube craft videos and stealing things from around the house for projects (talk about strong genes!). Following a date night to a local paint + sip studio, a light bulb went off in her head, and the idea for Corks ‘n Crafts was born.

Ready to Create?

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Our Artistic Staff

Our staff is committed to your experience. From custom décor to wine and painting, we guide you through every step of the process so the result is something you can be proud!

Emma Rose

Emma Rose

Social Media Manager/ Instructor

Paula Garcia

Paula Garcia

Assistant Manager

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin

Lead Instructor

Alinah Zargari

Alinah Zargari

Studio Assistant

Presets Color

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