Virtual Workshops

Can’t attend in person? Our virtual workshops are fun and easy. 

Celebrate anywhere!

For those who can’t make it to a class or event, we have virtual workshops. Just like in studio, we still provide all the supplies and parts to complete your craft.

Have family spread throughout the US? Everyone can hop on zoom and get the same instruction and finish the same project.

Gathering people at your home and want instruction for everybody? We can accommodate any virtual workshop.

Everything you need to create

With a variety of projects to choose from you will be surprised how create you can become, electronically! Once you pick your project we ship each participant a kit containing all the tools, supplies, and materials to create the project. But we don’t stop there. Attendees will receive a Zoom Invitation with the date, time, and login for the e-class. And just because you’re not with us physically doesn’t mean the technique should suffer. During your event our LIVE instructor will guide you along the way, showing techniques, answering questions, and promoting creativity.

Create in your own space & time

Now your team is no longer deterred by their proximity to our studio. Create in your own comfortable space, at your own pace. Attendees who cannot participate live can catch up on all the action of the recorder session, or by receiving printed directions.

Creating Memories, Literally

There’s no better way to connect teams in different offices and locations than an online, interactive DIY creative workshop. Your team will love getting to reconnect in a non-intimidating, comfort from home sty;e environment.

Ready to Create?

Book a creative crafting class today. We popup all around the valley!


How many people can be on our call?
As many people as you could possibly imagine! Our highest virtual call to date is 450! But we love our small groups too.
How do we receive our projects?
Once you supply us with your recipients addresses, we kit up and ship out a box of all the tools, materials, and supplies they will need to accomplish their project.
How far in advance do we need to book a virtual event?
We thrive to have kits shipped out 2 weeks prior to any event. This ways we have time to account for anything damaged or potentially lost in transit. Please allow our team as much time to prepare for your event as possible.
What if someone can’t make it?
No problem, zoom has a record function! We can record the call on our end (or yours) to ensure that any attendees that will be unable to attend can still enjoy the crafting experience.

Presets Color

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