Charcuterie Board with Resin Pouring

Charcuterie Board with Resin PouringNovember 05 2022 06:30pm – 09:00pm
Large Charcuterie Board with Resin Pouring

Join us for an evening of crafting and create a stunning Charcuterie Board finished with a Resin Pouring technique. This is one of our largest Resin projects yet!! This project has two different sizes options. Participants will be able to choose fro a variety of stain colors for their board and an even larger variety of colors to add to their resin for the detailing. All participants will be able to add crushed reflective glass and glitter to their project to give it just the right amount of sparkle.

Our skilled crafting instructor will very carefully guide you through this project from beginning to end to ensure you leave with a project you are proud of and happy to use in your home!

*Food and beverage service is always available.

The event is finished.

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