12×12 Wood Geode Wall Art

Join us for a super luxurious resin pouring workshop and create a breathtaking work of unique art. This resin pouring project will be done on a 12×12″ wood board that is 1″ thick. Pouring resin on a wood board allows for the resin to stay in place much better then on a canvas, allowing for a great finished project! Our skilled resin instructor will walk you through all the steps of creating this masterpiece. Participants will be able to fully customize their project by choosing from a variety of pigment and paint colors to pick colors that best match their home decor. Participants will learn how to mix the resin, create resin colors, and the best practical pouring techniques. Participants will have the ability to purchase metallic paint markers to add the “finishing touch vein lines” to their project outside of class time.

Food and beverage sales are available during all classes and drop in studio times.

Please be aware resin takes 24hrs to dry. Projects will be kept at the studio overnight and should be picked up within 2 weeks of class.

The event is finished.

Presets Color

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