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Date Night: Crafting


Date night. When you read that phrase, you’re either excited (I can’t wait to see him again!), confused (what’s a date night…I’m drowning), or nervous (not another first date or weird group date). The real problem isn’t the date night itself. Going on a date should be fun—and it should serve a purpose! We go on dates to get to know someone else, to spend quality time with a partner, and create memories. But for some reason, when we hear the phrase “date night” we immediately think dinner or a movie and sometimes, feel over it. Don’t think that has to be the case! We’ve got an idea for you.

Whether it is your first date, a group date, or you have been together with your partner for decades, it is easy to run into walls when planning what to do. It can feel like all you’re doing is trying not to go to the same restaurant over and over. There’s only so many restaurants, bars, and movies a couple can go to before it gets boring. Part of the purpose of dating is to have fun! Dating is about connection, intimacy, and shared experiences. If you are stuck in a rut trying to plan your next date night, try a craft night. Working side by side will drum up conversation that you might not have if you’re sitting across from one another at the same restaurant you went to last month. It can also allow memories to be made and hopefully a few laughs!


The First Date

Want to impress someone on a first date? Whether it is a blind date, or someone you’ve finally mustered up the courage to ask out, a craft night can be the perfect start to a relationship. A craft night will make your date feel like you put thought and intention into planning the evening. Thinking of something other than a dinner or a movie shows that you put effort into it. Another bonus is that you’ll go into the date with a little more confidence and ease. You’ll know that you’ve started the date off on the right foot and you’ll also know that you’ll have something other to do than stare at this person you really want to leave a good impression on—which will definitely take the pressure off. You won’t have to sit at a table and try to remember which fork to use, where to put the napkin or be worried about how you look while chewing that steak. You will be sitting side by side, focusing on a project.

According to an article found on Bustle, we create intimacy by doing. When our hands are busy, our mind feels a little freer. Focusing on something other than how we are coming across takes our minds off of ourselves and helps get rid of a need to perform for the other person. You are no longer the main event, which takes a load of pressure off the date. You and your date can focus on the fun, task at hand and let the conversation flow, knowing there will be plenty of natural icebreakers throughout the evening.


Dating Your Partner

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, maybe you have run out of ideas on what to do on date night. Or, maybe you’ve been going through the daily motions and you are just now realizing it’s been months since you’ve done anything with just the two of you. Dating your partner is instrumental in a healthy and thriving relationship. It’s easy to get in a rut and it’s easy to forget—but it’s time to spice things up! Shared activities facilitate connection.

Crafting on a date night can be an innovative way to experience something together. One of the great things about crafting is that there are usually mess-ups. Not everything is going to go perfectly. This is much like a relationship. It just doesn’t go exactly how we expect it to. There are ups and downs and rights and lefts. But if there is a common goal—togetherness—the outcome is beautiful. Just like relationships, there are a lot of mess-ups in crafting. That’s half the beauty of it! As long as the goal is to create something, there’s no pressure. You and your partner can create together and hopefully get a few laughs out of the process.


The Group Date

Group dates are not for the faint of heart. Maybe it’s a double date that you are forced to go on, maybe it’s a group of old friends, or maybe it’s an odd mixture of couples. Multiple personalities in one setting and—depending on the nature and stages of relationships in the group—a little pressure. We’ve all been there. That group date where someone’s partner brings up something political, or everyone immediately starts talking about their children (but honestly, why are our kids so cute when we aren’t with them?). It can all be very awkward or super fun. We vote super fun! Crafting as a group date night can alleviate some of the pressure associated with group dates. If you’re in charge of planning a group date, or looking for ideas, choosing a craft night can score you some major brownie points. If you’re on a group date with a couple you haven’t seen in a while, you’ll be given plenty of icebreakers and natural things to talk about. Grab some friends and wine and create something together. You won’t have to worry about what to talk about, or what topics to avoid.

Date night should be something you look forward to! It’s a time to get away from regular life, a time to escape! Crafting for a date night facilitates connection, creates natural icebreakers, takes loads of pressure off, and is a much-needed break from the norm. Whether you’re planning a first date, a date with your partner, or a group date, you’re sure to have fun, create memories, and walk away with a tangible reminder of the evening.

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