Art Summer Camps: Sparking the Creative Fire During Summer Break

Sep 12, 2022Blog

When summer rolls around, what are the two words that parents dread hearing? Do you know what they are? Bet you do! Those words are…I’m bored!


It’s true! Nobody likes to hear those words – especially during the summer break! After all, it’s summer! There’s no school! But if you’re a parent, you’re probably going to hear them! That’s why it’s essential to have some summer activities in your bag of tricks, so you at least don’t have to hear them as often!


Of course, you can head to the pool. Or you can go catch a movie. But what if you did something that was not only fun, but good for your child’s development, too? If that’s what you’re looking for – then your child should do some crafting this summer!


Crafting Has Many Benefits for Children

So, what exactly can crafting do for your child? Here are just a few of the benefits:


  • Crafting can help a child with their motor skills

Young children need time and practice to develop their fine motor skills – the skills need to do things like button a coat or tying shoes. Crafting can help them develop those skills. Holding scissors and paintbrushes, drawing with crayons and markers, and shaping things with clay all help strengthen the muscles in the hands and give them practice at necessary skills they need as they grow.


  • Crafting can help a child with literacy

Another big advantage of crafting for children is that it helps with their literacy skills. Crafting allows children to learn about letters, words, and sentences. It has them listening to directions and demonstrating their comprehension of those directions by completing the project. Additionally, it allows them to talk to you about the project they are working on in a conversation. You can ask them specific questions about their project or even ask them to explain how it was created.


  • Crafting can help a child with mathematics

When kids are crafting, they are often working with numbers and counting objects. This helps them develop an understanding of basic math. In addition, crafting can also help children learn about shapes and sizes as they create their projects.


  • Crafting can boost a child’s self-esteem

When your child has the chance to show you a piece of art that they have created, you will look at them and tell them how amazing it is or how much you love it – and do you know what happens when you say those words? You make them feel special. You make them feel proud. You boost their self-esteem. What a great feeling for both parent and child!


  • Crafting teaches patience

Not all craft projects can be created in 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Some take significantly longer – and that’s okay. By helping your child through the steps of a project and explaining why things need to rest or dry before you can go onto the next step, you are helping your child learn patience.


  • Crafting allows a child to develop creativity

Crafting allows for kids to express themselves creatively. Children have lots of thoughts and ideas swimming around in their heads, and crafting provides a way for them to put those ideas into action. While they may be given basic directions for a project, they can experiment with different colors, textures, and materials to create something that’s personal to them.


Where can my child go to do some crafts over the summer?

The good news is that Corks ‘n Crafts will be offering Summer Art Camps! So, your child can come hang out with us – and have so much fun creating! (BONUS: That means we’ll clean up any messes!)


Each week we choose a new theme (we’ve covered everything from abstract art to cartooning) and dive into some hands-on lessons to bring art to life! We work on different arts and crafts skills, and the kids will have a blast showing you all of the cool stuff they make.


Camps run from 9 am – 2 pm (for children ages 7-12), and you just need to send them with a packed lunch and water bottle. We’ll provide them with two snacks and an endless selection of art supplies!


If you have additional questions about our summer art camps, or any of the other classes that Corks ‘n Crafts offers, please call us at 702-684-7223.



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