5 Virtual Experiences for You and Your Team

Jan 11, 2022Blog


Let’s talk business! 

No…not about your clients or finances. 

Let’s talk about you and your employees. When you think about interacting with your employees you probably aren’t thinking about arts and crafts. But maybe it’s time you do….

The last two years have taught us how to pivot, regroup and change the way businesses interact, not only with guests and customers but employees.  Many staff members who were once heading into the office every day – may now be working from home, still and maybe permanently. 

There’s no morning coffee in the breakroom or chatting about last night’s episode of “The Masked Singer” at lunch. Friday afternoon happy hours aren’t on the calendar. And events where you could all be together to reconnect, share a laugh, and unwind, have been canceled.

But they don’t have to be!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past year or so, it’s that people still require that human connection. They want to get together with their co-workers and talk. They want to be able to check in with one another and see how their friends are doing. They want to have some fun with the people that they used to spend time with on a regular basis. But that awful zoom fatigue is real!

Luckily, while you were working to keep your business changing with the times – so were others. More and more businesses have created FUN virtual classes that are ideal for connecting groups that may be scattered across the country or can’t get together in-person. And they did this to bring back that connection and allow for team building that so many have been missing!

Ditch that tired Friday afternoon meeting and check out this list of virtual classes and events that are perfect for a little fun time with your team.


The Escape Game – Virtual Escape Room

Escape rooms have always been fun, but locking people in a small room while they try to figure out puzzles and riddles is not possible in lots of places. The Escape Game has taken escape rooms and now made them virtual!

Your group (small: 2-8 people or large: 9-Infinity) has 60 minutes to solve your mission! Just like an in-person escape room, you’ll have to solve various puzzles and work together to do so! And, you will have a guide who can help direct you should you need it! Definitely a team-building experience!


A Class with Corks ‘n Crafts (This might be our favorite)

If you want to have a hands-on interactive workshop for your group, then take a virtual class with Corks ‘n Crafts! You’ll pick a craft for everyone to do and schedule a date with their Events Coordinator – and then let Corks ‘n Crafts take it from there. (The Resin Cheese Boards class is the most popular, but there are several different ones that may be of interest to your team.)

They’ll package up everything you need to complete the craft and ship it out to your group. For example, if you choose the Resin Cheese Board craft, each attendee will receive: 

  • An unfinished board
  • Resin materials as well as a few paint colors
  • Glitter – because glitter makes everything better!
  • Gloves – to keep those hand clean!
  • Paintbrush
  • Any other supplies needed for the project

And yes, they ship nationwide!

When it’s time for your event, you’ll all Zoom together, and your craft teacher will walk everyone through the steps of creating their beautiful project. It’s an ideal way to spend some time together, create a great project, and make a few memories!

Virtual Trip to Paris

Traveling and team retreats have been slim to non-existent for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some virtual exploration. Woyago has created a virtual team-building activity that will have you exploring Paris all while getting to know the members of your group better – and from the comfort of your home.

Woyago offers several different virtual experiences, from a “Wine and Cheese Tasting at Home” to a “Virtual Party in Paris.” You and your group will spend time learning hilarious French vocabulary, random and ridiculous trivia, and answering funny questions! C’est magnifique – as the French would say!

Virtual Beer and Cheese Pairing

If your group misses getting together for Happy Hour, why not arrange for a Virtual Beer and Cheese Pairing to bring everyone together? City Brew Tours has done all the heavy lifting for you! 

When you and the team login for this virtual event, you’ll have an energetic event planner who will guide everyone through 3-5 beers and cheeses (depending on the box chosen) and share why they might be combined with one another. Tasty and fun! 

Tiny Campfire

The team at Tiny Campfire has brought all of those fun camping experiences together so that you and your team can enjoy some relaxing time together – even if you can’t be together in-person. 

This fun team-building experience will have you sitting around the virtual campfire, listening to ghost stories, playing games, competing in competitions, and eating s’mores! You might just feel like you’re out in the woods.

Virtual classes and events have come a long way in the last year. Businesses have learned to master Zoom and bring group experiences that are interactive, fun, and memorable! 

If you’re ready to have some fun with your team – don’t wait! Have everyone get together and take a virtual class now. The team at Corks ‘n Crafts will be happy to help you design the perfect virtual crafting class – just contact us, and let’s get started!.

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