Resin Pouring Package for 2

Join us every Thursday for an exclusive Resin Pouring package experience. This weekly event is hosted as a “drop in style” where there is no set start and finish time, and guests can simply drop in to begin their experience any time during the 4pm-7:30pm time frame. This experience includes two charcuterie board resin pouring projects, 1 bottle of wine (additional up-charge for Daou, all others included) and a Charcuterie Sampler platter (good for 2.) If you have an odd number of attendees and do not require a full package of charcuterie and wine then an individual ticket may be added on.
Guests will be lead through the process of sanding and staining their wood charcuterie board. Guests will also learn how to prep, mix, and pour resin. Please be aware that resin takes 24hrs to dry and project will need to stay overnight to dry.

The event is finished.

Presets Color

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