Drop-In Crafting

Drop in and start your project. Work your own pace. Take home a perfect craft.

Get Creative!

Come create with us! We offer a number of fun crafts for all levels in your budget. Stop in, pick your project and let our instructors guide you in your journey. Each craft takes approximately two or three hours so plan accordingly.

We know no two projects are alike and can offer recommendations on color palettes, techniques and details to give you exactly what you desire.

Bring a friend, enjoy a glass of wine, and create your perfect masterpiece.


We provide the options, you pick the project! Our drop in project gallery is constantly changing but one thing that never changes is that we provide a wide variety of options for all ages, genders, interests, and budgets. With several projects to choose from, you can grab a glass of wine and create.


Can’t attend a class? Want to create a specific project when it’s convenient for you? Need a little assistance?

We can help! With instructors on hand to help when needed, you can work independently with all the supplies ready to go.

We have what you need, when you want to create.

Your Pace

Want to spend more time on a particular detail? Have a color scheme you want to keep flowing through your home?

We have the perfect solution! Drop in and work at your pace on the details that matter to you.

With supplies ready and waiting for you, you can sit and enjoy the process with friends, enjoy a glass of wine and snack while creating the perfect project.

About Drop-In Reservations

What is Drop-in Crafting?
Drop-in Crafting is open to the public hours where you get to pick your own project and work at your own pace. There’s no formal class and you decide the project you want to create.
Want to bring friends or family?
Awesome! We love small groups of crafters during drop-in hours. A perk of drop-in hours is each crafter can choose their own project. From wood signs to piggy banks to seasonal crafts, we have a large variety of projects very every age and skill level.
What’s the cost to drop-in?
We don’t charge you until you’ve come in, picked your project and enjoyed your time in the studio! There’s no reservations fees for drop-in hours. Our project prices range from $20-75.
How long can you stay?
Stay as long as you would like. We do not charge by the hour, so you are welcome to take all the time you need.
Like to snack while you create?

We totally get it. All that painting and creating can work up an appetite. That’s why we created a full food and beverage menu to satisfy every level of hunger and thirst. From popped corn to giant soft pretzels to fresh baked pizza, we have tasty treats for everyone. Check out our menu here.

Don’t forget the drinks!
We have a full craft beer and wine bar in addition to individual soft drinks, lemonade and water.
What projects are available?

We have a large variety of crafts you can create. From wood trays to kids paint by line to welcome signs. We offer seasonal projects, too. Take a look at our gallery here.

Presets Color

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